Saturday, July 2, 2011

Diving into the unknown

Okay, so remember when I told you I was the lone snorkeler? I'm a turncoat, I did a resort diving course and BOOM! I can dive! Wow, you have no idea what a completely different world it is down there. Looking up and just seeing a massive wall of coral that stands above you by about 40 feet, or being on the same level as a school of lutjanidae (snappers)! It's really spectacular to come into a marine program with absolutely no background in marine science and to just see it and fall in love with a subject so completely and so quickly!

Alas, my time in Little Cayman isn't going to last forever. The whole group flies out on Wednesday and we all still have to finish our authentic symposium style science posters of our projects! Yikes! I still have a whole analysis to come up with! Actually, I haven't really said much about my project have I? Briefly, I'm measuring the spalling and growth rates of green algae, specifically halimeda sp., because it is a major producer of sand and helps prevent erosion on island beaches. What I am really trying to answer with my project is how much sand is the result of calcified halimeda? How quickly does it generate, spall and form, and also what amount is being calcified and not eaten. That's a lot to answer in only a few weeks of research....

Tonight our little research group, or the "students" as we are collectively referred to by the "scientists" that are also staying here, went out to eat! It was a productive night, during which many of our party were reunited with the love of their lives, which is PIZZA! So if anyone is on Little Cayman on a Saturday night, go to the Hungry Iguana and eat some pizza!

One last thing before I go camp out in my bed till tomorrow, I can't believe how many new friends I have made during this trip. Everyone is just right, and we all know how to have a good time, enjoy the ocean and get work done. That's it! I just thought that they deserved a little shout out on this blog. :)


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  1. Great blog. Reading through your entries made me feel like I was pitched back and forth with the waves. Hope the Millepor didn't leave a scar.