Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something like a doctor

Taking vitals

A baby trying to take my stethoscope

Me and my clinic partner

Front view of the clinic

On my way to work

After working at my health clinic for some time, I got to know most of the staff personally, and what they do. For most of the day, the doctors spend their time consulting, writing prescriptions, and vaccinating patients. I help out by doing the initial check-in for patients; this includes checking their blood pressure, height, weight, pulse, temperature, etc. I also practice my Spanish by having small conversations with them.

The health workers and I get along great. Since nobody speaks English at the clinic, they love when I try to communicate with them because they compete to understand what I am saying like a game show. One of the doctors called me in one day to observe her consultations. There was an adult who needed an injection and after watching many times, she asked if I wanted to try. Of course I accepted the offer because in the United States I would never get the opportunity for something like this unless I was certified. I was nervous about messing up, but the doctor insisted that I try. The doctor guided my hand the first time I gave an injection, but I began to do them on my own as I got better. I must of did at least 20 injections since I started working.

I feel as if I am growing and learning a lot about myself from this experience. This new culture that I was engulfed in taught me how to look at life from a different perspective. I’m sure I want to pursue medicine AND public health as a career. Many patients came in with health issues that could have been prevented through health education. Public health is key for preventing patients from getting sick in the first place. My Spanish is considerably better than it was when I first started.

Time flew by and we have only 5 more days in Mexico. I made a lot of friends and connections down here so I will be returning in the near future.

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  1. It sounds like you have become part of the clinic. Hopefully you will be able to return in the near future.