Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ig, Iggy, The Hungry Iguana!

So bloggers, we've reached the end of the road! I made it! Today I presented my finding in my first ever scientific poster.. Let me tell you it was harder than I expected, and in the words of the great Tom Frazer, "Posters are a blend of art and science!". He was totally right, because it took way longer just to format the poster then it took to actually compile the findings! Oh well, tonight is my last night on the island and the rest of the group, and even some from Kean U, are all making the most of the our last night with a bonfire on the beach and some dancing! This whole time has been amazing and exciting, from meeting new people to identifying 100+ marine species, so tonight will be the best! The crowning moment of a fantastic adventure :)

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  1. That is wonderful! I hope you really enjoyed yourself. Postermaking definately is an art, especially seeing the final masterpiece as it prints. Have a good summer!