Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Tastiest Final Exam (June 25th, 2011)

For our final exam, we were assigned a project in which we each picked a cheese and wine. We had to present on our cheese and wine in terms of how each was made, where it came from, about the region, the history, and so on. I picked the Volnay wine and the Comte cheese. I bought the Volnay wine from the town of Beaune and I bought the Comte cheese from the Fort des Rousses that we visited yesterday. We also bought veggies, bread, sweets from today's farmer's market to go along with our final exam. We sat in a circle with Dr. Max and Dean Reinert while presenting on our cheese and wine. To get the full experience we tasted each presenter's cheese and wine.
To celebrate our time in France and our course, we went to Le Potin Gourmand for our last meal with drinks. We toasted to the course and were entertained by a Renaissance festival next door. After dinner, we went out to a cafe for expresso and sorbet as usual. Pictures are below as usual.

The Delicious Final Exam:

Comte Cheese (raw, aged 12 months, cow's milk)

Volnay Wine (Red-Pinot Noir)

Maconnais Goat Cheese

Dinner at Le Potin Gourmand and Dessert


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