Thursday, April 21, 2011

The 2011 French Experience

As the the date of departure draws ever nearer, I am endlessly dreaming of the beautiful castles and landscapes of France. I have finally finished selecting the cities that I would like to visit before I meet up with my group on June 13th for the Rutgers study abroad program, "The Microbiology and Culture of Cheese and Wine". The order of the places to see has not yet been set, but it is certain that a great trip awaits. The question now lies in how to pick where to go first?

The map picture shows the cities that will be visited in the first 7 days of the trip that begins on June 5th. In total, I will be traveling approximately 5,000 miles by rail in my 22 day trip to France. I only wish there were a way to capture the entire journey for all time.


  1. A time machine could come in handy now so that we can all fast forward to June! To those reading this blog, Cluny is very close to Lyon, it's just hard to find a map that actually has Cluny listed.

  2. So jealous. Post lotsa photos!

  3. Very exciting! Can't wait to see and hear about your adventures.