Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 SEBS Summer Scholarship Recipients

From left to right.
Upper: David Kaminsky, Lynnicia Massenburg, Daniel Kurz, Devinn Lambert, Alicia Raeburn, Kenneth Disbrow
Lower: Allison Huggan, Preshita Gadkari, Ashley Wenke, Heather Afford

Scott Quarella Alex Kozar and Sharon Cubelo

Today Prof. Lily Young, International Dean, and I met with the 2011 Summer Scholarship Recipients. During our pre-departure meeting we discussed a variety of topics including the students programs and why they selected them. We also focused on why people blog and the value of sharing thoughts through writing, photography, and video.

The 2011 SEBS Summer Scholarship Recipients, with assistance from the International Programs Office at the School of Environmental and Biological Science, endeavor to create a blog with posts that are insightful, unique, and personal. We hope you will become a Follower and share in the international experiences of our thirteen Rutgers students.

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