Thursday, May 23, 2013

Returning to Europe in 2013

In the pursuit of some rest and relaxation before beginning this Fall, Preshita and I have decided to return to our favorite continent. We will be flying to Helsinki, Finland before taking a boat to Sweden, a train to Denmark, and then sweeping down into France and ending in Switzerland. It was our love of Europe and the culture there that we chose it as our vacation get away.

I've chosen to revive this blog with some updated posts to ease having to create a blog from scratch and take the time to plan that. As it is, planning an international trip is difficult enough. We'll post pictures as our trip goes on and some brief memories of our trip. We hope that any of the other students that are going abroad again that originally went abroad from Rutgers will find the time to post what travels they are planning or undertaking. Although Facebook is wonderful, it is difficult to stay in touch and keep up on everyone's

Fantastic pictures and travels ahead!

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