Friday, June 17, 2011

Regarding Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture, may very well be something you have never heard of,
or worse, something you associate with mowing lawns. Landscape Architecture
is a discipline, that, as one of my professors would describe it, as an exploration
in space. Space, in the way that we shape the space around us and we define the feeling
you experience as you interact with it. Now thats a bit esoteric and "spacey" in and of itself.
So really, landscape architects deal with problems on varying scales, from the private residence to large scale city planning and even to regional redevopment. And we deal with problems like sustainability, environmental footprint, storm water management, horticulture, construction detailing, project management and countless other things.
As Landscape Architects, it is important that we see as many works as possible to familiarize ourselves with different solutions to problems as they present themselves. By seeing as many parks, city scapes, and natural areas, we become better acquianted with how things work, and more importantly what actually works and what doesn't.
By knowing these things we are better conditioned to making spaces that people will be able use and enjoy while at the same
time contributing to the local ecology.
This trip to Germany is very important in that it provides me with the opportunity to see things that I would never would have had otherwise. To see a place and people that are different from those that I see on a regular basis. And ultimately to further my design education.

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  1. Very interesting. I agree completely that landscape architecture is not simply the aesthetics of a place but a conceptually complex discipline. I really enjoy learning through your blog and look forward to future posts.