Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hallo Deustchland

May 22nd Predeparture - Summer Study Abroad: Germany: Landscape Architecture

Equal parts nervous and excited. All packed up and ready to go despite the
inescapable feeling of forgetting something crucial. An 8 hour plane ride lies ahead
with a 6 hour time change over night, so there promises to be plenty of jet lag for
the upcoming few days. A few weeks of sightseeing and visiting different landscapes
lies ahead, followed by a four day weekend of free travel and culminating in a one
week intensive collaborative landscape architecture exercise with some of the
students from the university of Munich on a local site. A post program travel trip
is lined up for France and Portugal for a leisurely end to what promises to be an
amazing 6 weeks abroad.

A bit delayed first post due to some complicated internet abroad issues, but look out for a recap of the first week in Berlin and some photos in the next couple days.

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  1. Glad you arrived safe. Looking forward to your photos!